Live Painting Workshops

Julie offers custom private or individual small group abstract painting workshops.  Schedule a half day, full day or multi day painting experience.  Julie will tailor the workshop to fulfill your individual needs and goals.  Focus on exactly what you need to elevate your painting practice to a higher level.  Whether it’s Igniting your creative passion, taking risks, or accessing your inner boldness you will gain inspiration and new skills to continue with at home.  If you are new to abstract painting, explore the fundamentals with Julie.  Beginners are welcome!

You will work with Julie either on Zoom or in her large, comfortable well-equipped studio in midtown Santa Fe, just steps from the famed Meow Wolf exhibit space and 15 minutes from the downtown Plaza.

The cost of Julie’s custom private individual or group workshops depends on the amount of time you would like to book and the number of participants.  Contact Julie for a quote of the cost of a personalized workshop experience for you or your small group.

About Santa Fe

Santa Fe is the perfect place to recharge or explore your painting practice.  Not only does the city enjoy over 300 days a year of sunshine in brilliant cobalt blue skies along with moderate temperatures, but its history, architecture, award winning cuisine, stunning natural beauty and light of the area and its surroundings plus its overall undefinable mystical quality makes it a unique vacation destination as well as an artist’s haven.  Come reconnect to your creative self!

Santa Fe is accessible by car, train or via air.  You can fly into either the Santa Fe airport or the Albuquerque International Sunport, an hour away.  Rental cars are available at both locations as are shuttles, private car service and Uber.  There are many lodging options ranging from high end multi star resorts to more modestly priced hotels, motels and vacation rentals.

For further information, check these websites:  Santa Fe Travel and Tourism,  Trip AdvisorAirbnb.  Click here to obtain a Santa Fe Visitor’s Guide.

Conde Nast Traveler has an excellent article about Santa Fe. Read Here>>

Contact Julie to discuss a workshop for yourself or a small group, or use the form below.

“Dive Into Abstract Painting” Workshop June 3, 4 and 5, 2022

Join me for this live workshop in Santa Fe.  We will work on getting and staying loose, gain confidence to work through creative blocks and self-doubt, and further develop your authentic voice.  We will: 

  • Create a variety of starts that will give you a beginning point for your painting
  • Learn to create harmonious color palettes to eliminate color chaos
  • Work on creating depth through layering, flux and obliteration and the use of marks
  • Explore composition intuitively through the creation of eye flow and focal points
  • Learn how to enliven your work by creating contrast in a variety of ways
  • Explore a helpful mindset to immerse yourself in intuitive abstract painting, develop trust in your own creative intelligence, identify and overcome limiting beliefs that impede progress
  • Identify and develop your own unique signature marks and discover the power of marks in enhancing your work, work with unconventional tools to encourage experimentation and risk taking
  • Work through a painting from beginning to end

The cost of the workshop is $695 plus New Mexico sales tax of $58.64. A materials list will be provided.  We will work with acrylic paint and mark making tools. Workshop is filled.

“Dive Into Abstract Painting” Workshop September 16, 17 and 18, 2022

This live workshop in Santa Fe will be geared toward what you need to work on in your painting practice.  We will have some structure with assigned exercises designed to get you going but the focus will be on me helping each participant individually with their painting issues.

The cost of the workshop is $695 plus New Mexico sales tax o $58.64.  A materials list will be provided.  We will work with acrylic paint and mark making tools.

There is one space remaining. Please contact Julie using the contact form above if you would like to sign up.

What people are saying 

“Painting with Julie was so helpful, she was able to access both my strengths and also where I needed extra attention! She helped me through my ‘stuck’ stages, by using less color and simplifying! She teaches with much ease and grace which helped me loosen-up and expand…BOLD moves!”
-Carmen P.

“My private weekend workshop with Julie was transformative.  She geared our time together to my specific needs and I feel like I really pushed through on my work!”
-Robin S.

“My private painting session with Julie was a very worthwhile experience that far exceeded my expectations. Julie is a generous, knowledgeable and encouraging instructor who introduced me to some new materials and helped me meet all of my goals.”
-Diane S.