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Learn with Julie Schumer: New Online Expressive Painting Workshops 

julie schumer after a shapes demo

Learn at your own pace, in your own space, with Julie Schumer. 

Designed for all skill levels, the courses are divided into modules by topic, and include video discussions and demonstrations as well as pdf downloads full of practical information.  In the privacy of your own studio, Julie encourages you to experiment with new tools and exercises to free your creativity and cultivate your own artistic voice, without self-conscious judgment and fear of failure. Following are courses that we are offering now and in the near future. 

New Mini Course
Dive Into Abstract Painting®:
Painting From Start To Finish

In this two part video program I will walk you through my own painting process, showing you how I start a painting, what I’m thinking when I start as well as my insights along the way, what types of tools I use and how I use them, how I embrace risk and experimentation during the process, how I work through the difficult and sometimes scary middle phase and how I know when I am reaching the finish line, as well as some of the criteria I use to evaluate knowing when my painting is done.

The program includes nearly an hour of video instruction plus two bonus handouts and membership in our private Facebook Community Art Smart. There you can share your thoughts and ideas and interact with artists just like you, gaining courage and inspiration.
Registration for the course is now available!

Dive Into Abstract Painting®: Exploring Fundamentals

dive into abstract painting with julie schumer

This 6 week online course is perfect for beginners who feel lost, overwhelmed and fearful about starting or resuming their creative practice after a long absence or for painters with some experience but who feel stuck and want to shake things up with new ideas.

Together we explore what basic materials to have on hand, setting up your studio, how to get and stay loose, finding your artistic voice, and certain of the elements of abstract painting including color value, mark making, and composition, as well as various ways to start and move through a painting to the end.

Our focus is on you learning to trust your creative intelligence, which will lead to you to approach your painting practice with confidence and joy.

Registration for the course is now available!

About The Instructor

Julie Schumer is a self-taught artist.  Her work is shown in galleries across the United States and is in many private collections.  She lives and works in Santa Fe, NM and since 2014 has been teaching expressive painting workshops.

Dive Into Abstract Painting®: Exploring Contrast Online Workshop

Working with color, mark making and shapes, together we will explore ways to infuse and transform your abstract paintings with contrast, exciting you and your viewer’s eye.

This is a self-paced online course designed to be completed in 4 weeks depending upon the amount of time you have available. Delivered in a password protected virtual classroom, it is organized into different learning modules by subject.

Registration for the course is now available!

Dive Into Abstract Painting®: Exploring Mark Making

Find and develop your own unique expressive marks and painting vocabulary in this abstract acrylic painting workshop.  Learn about a variety of painting and drawing tools, both conventional and unconventional, discover your own signature marks and how to communicate through them in your work.  Create depth by layering marks with paint.  Learn how to use marks to energize your work with contrast and value.  You will be working on either paper or canvas with acrylic paint and different kinds of drawing tools such as charcoals, graphites, Stabilo Woody pencils, art crayons, pastels, and the like.

Registration for the course is now available!

About The Instructor

Julie Schumer is a self-taught artist.  Her work is shown in galleries across the United States and is in many private collections.  She lives and works in Santa Fe, NM and in the past several years began teaching loosening up painting workshops.

Boldly Abstract

julie schumer boldly abstract

In this course you will clarify your visual abstract style and work in a s

A self-paced online course consisting of pre-recorded studio demonstrations, video talks, and bonus downloadable PDFs delivered in a password protected virtual classroom. The course is divided into different learning modules divided by subject. We explore:

  • What is means to paint boldly abstract
  • How to approach your painting with a useful mindset to encourage growth in your process
  • How to accept and develop your own unique voice and trust your own creative intelligence
  • New materials and tools and setting up your studio space
  • Ways of starting a painting to encourage boldness
  • What your signature marks are and how you can increase their boldness
  • The fundamentals of color and how you can use color to create harmonious paintings and reduce color chaos that detracts from your paintings
  • And much more! We will give you an insider’s view of how we each go about creating a painting in start to finish video demonstrations in which we reveal our individual thought and decision making process as we go along.

Custom & Private Workshops

Julie offers custom and private individual and small group abstract painting workshops, both in her Santa Fe studio and via Zoom.  The curriculum is tailored to your individual needs and goals.  Schedule your private workshop for a half day (3 hours), a full day (6 hours) or multiple days.  There is nothing like a one on one or small group experience to focus on exactly what you need to elevate your painting practice to a higher level.   

Contact Julie to discuss a workshop for yourself or a small group.  

“My private weekend workshop with Julie was transformative.  She geared our time together to my specific needs and I feel like I really pushed through on my work!”  -Robin S.

“My private painting session with Julie was a very worthwhile experience that far exceeded my expectations. Julie is a generous, knowledgeable and encouraging instructor who introduced me to some new materials and helped me meet all of my goals.”
-Diane S.


Workshop Videos and Testimonials

Participants say:

Every day of the workshop was an eye opener.  After experiencing the tools and techniques, I am confident I now can go paint big.  Great to work in community.  It is great benefit to have two teaches each with their own unique perspectives. 
-A Rogone

I LOVED Julie’s 2 day “Paint Big, Paint Loose” class in her Santa Fe studio.  Julie had prepared me in advance not to expect any masterpieces nor any finished paintings.  Having this expectation prior to arriving at class allowed me just to play, experiment, move big and have fun.  And have fun I did have.  The exercises, some of which I had never done, were enjoyable as was the free painting time.  Julie was generous with her expertise, supplies and encouragement and gentle in giving suggestions.  LOVED this class.  Thanks, Julie.  
-Lynne P.

Julie’s workshops are amazing.  She helps you unlock your spark and push past your boundaries into new territory.  Loved every minute.
-Diane Semper

Looking down from the balcony

Julie’s workshop was informative, inspiring, and helped build my confidence and momentum–which was exactly what I needed.
I enjoyed learning the loosening up techniques to help get started when faced with a blank canvas and not sure where/how to start; and also had fun exploring with new paint and drawing tools that produced surprisingly great results. The walking tour of galleries, experimenting with color and painting large were additional highlights of the weekend. Julie is a wonderful guide, a gracious host and very generous in sharing her extensive knowledge. I loved getting wild and re-igniting my creative spirit. Look forward to taking another workshop soon!
-Rose H. Faissal

I did Julie’s Abstract workshop in May and had the most wonderful time. The space was an artist dream workspace. She introduced us to new tools and new techniques which helped push me to explore my art making in a new way.
Julie was an informed and encouraging teacher. And a pleasure to get to know better as I have long been an admirer of her work. I recommend her workshops with highest acclaim!
-Robin Hamaker

“Fortunate indeed are those who take a class from Suzanne Jacquot and Julie Schumer. This is not the usual experience, where there is normally one platform, or one focus. They both have crafted, as a team, new approaches to content: tools, colors, size, composition. Yes, these are the “under layers”, just like any other class you might have taken. But it goes far beyond that.
Meeting you at your level, their skills are intuitive. And this is in a class room with others!! I don’t know how they do it, but I felt as if I was getting individualized instruction. I learned to “build” personalized layers with each day’s class, within myself, and I became confident of my creativity, and how I express it.”

-Sarah O’Hala

“Where the Pavement Ends” was a valuable artistic experience that I would highly recommend. The painting and drawing exercises designed by the instructor are created to benefit artists of all levels.”
-Amy Longcope

“The workshop was a life changing event for my husband and me, who were first time painters. After a few guided exercises, we quickly developed our own styles and gained a feeling for painting. James and Julie’s mentoring approach provided a safe and stress-free environment that allowed us to feel comfortable opening up and letting loose our creative side. We especially enjoyed painting together on the same piece. It was a unique challenge that allowed us to learn how to combine our different styles in a cohesive and collaborative manner.”
-Violeta Hammond


“Where the Pavement Ends” was an experience that I believe has taken my approach to painting to a new level. This experience is comparable
to a spiritual break through for me in the sense that once a realization or understanding happens, it can never be un-learned. I have been
liberated from some old habitual boring patterns that no longer serve me and this workshop experience has added new approaches and spaciousness to my process. Thank you James!”
-Laura Tarnoff